[xubuntu-users] modern window-manager for an old ctwm user?

Carl Alexander xela at MIT.EDU
Tue Mar 20 02:45:37 UTC 2012

Hi all---

I'm an old X hand who's been away for a while.  A few weeks
ago  I installed xubuntu 11.10 --- my first x11 head in five
years.  I've been using it without customizing the UI, so as
to get comfortable with the new normal.   Now I have a pretty
good idea what I love about the new --- and what I miss about
the old.  So I'm looking for some advice, which I suspect
will take the form of recommendations for window-managers.

I already know that my old window-manager (ctwm) is not the
right answer.  So I'm hoping people can tell me about modern
window-managers that can DWIW, possibly in combination with
something devil's pie.  (The first draft of this mail was 
pretty long-winded.  I'll be happy to send anyone who really
cares the explanation in it of _why_ ctwm won't do.  But I'm
betting most of you couldn't care less.)

There are two critical features ctwm that I want from a new 
window-manager:  DontMoveOff, and Occupy.

DontMoveOff (which IIRC goes all the way back to twm) prevents
windows from being dragged off the workspace --- not even partway
off:  if you grab a window by the titlebar and drag it in ctwm, it
will stop when its leading edge meets the edge of the desktop.
(This is sort of the opposite of the feature in xfcewm where
draging a window to the border between workspaces will switch
you into that workspace, bringing the window with you --- a
feature I would happily do without).  

Occupy lets you set which applications are allowed to place their
windows in which workspaces.   I use some applications that spawn
a lot of little windows, and I very much prefer having them show 
up in their own workspace, so I can stay focused on work in another.

Other ctwm features I would really _like_ in a new window-manager,
but aren't critical, include windows that are ilterally tabbed 
(that is, the titlebar occupies a fraction of the top of the
window --- like the tab on a file folder).  Another is "NoTitle",
which sets a list of apps whose windows won't be given titlebars.
that won't be given titlebars).  And configurable menus, bound 
to various kinds of clicks on the workspace background.

If this sounds like a window-manager you know, please let me

Thanks in advance!


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