[xubuntu-users] Two power managers

Mike Kupfer m.kupfer at acm.org
Mon Jan 30 04:11:53 UTC 2012

Chris McCormick wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 09:20:37PM -0800, Mike Kupfer wrote:
> > You could try right-clicking on each icon.  Do the menus look the same?
> > If they have an "About" command, what does "About" tell you?
> In the original post I thought I wrote that I did that but maybe I
> wasn't clear. 

Right, sorry, you did; I missed it when I was reviewing the email trail.

> What do other people's output from `ps ax | grep power` look like?
> Mine looks like this:
>  1582 ?        Sl     0:00 /usr/lib/upower/upowerd
>  1790 ?        Ssl    0:00 xfce4-power-manager --restart --sm-client-id

I see the same two processes (but only one power manager icon).

In your original post, you asked

> I have 'start gnome services' checked - could this be a gnome thing
> and if so how do i stop it?

I tried enabling GNOME services and logging back in, and I got two power
manager icons, like the ones in the png file that you attached.  But I
didn't see anything extra in the Sessions tab.  I disabled GNOME
services and logged in again, and I was back to one power manager icon.

So I'd try disabling GNOME services on your system.  (And it probably
wouldn't hurt to uncheck the box in the logout window about saving the
current session.)  If there are specific GNOME services you need to
start, maybe you can add them to the Application Autostart tab.


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