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Jose Diaz Bardales jose.dbardales at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 20:21:36 UTC 2012

On 01/26/2012 03:11 PM, Ric Moore wrote:
> Anyone else get a letter from the Kubuntu list saying to follow a link
> to reset their password?? I unsubscribed that list a LONG time ago. Ric
> =========================================================
> Hello wayward4now,
> We have recently moved our forum to vBulletin, and part of moving to
> this new software requires you to reset your password.  For security
> reasons, passwords were not migrated over.  If you follow this link
> and enter your email address you will be emailed directions to
> resetting your password.
I saw the message below on Planet Ubuntuo, not sure if it is related to
the email you send. =)

I'm looking for a PHP/OpenID hero to help us in a bit of a bind we have
on the forums.

The forums need a branding update, as well as an update to the vbulletin
software they're running. Unfortunately vbulletin doesn't support
openid(!). I know right.

In the past there was a bit of custom php that was done in order to
enable Ubuntu users to use their Ubuntu Single Sign On account. This
doesn't work with the new version of vbulletin, and this is a blocker to
the upgrade.

I'm in search of a volunteer(s) that can work with the Canonical IS team
and the Forums Council to make this happen. Ideally you'd be comfortable
with PHP and vbulletin already, and wouldn't mind a brutal security
review from the IS and security teams in Ubuntu, but hey, you'd be the
guy that fixed logins on the forums, with all the fame (or infamy) and
glory that it entails.

Feel free to ping me in the comments if you're interested and I can link
you up with the right people. The forums have always been a crucial
element of Ubuntu's success, and it'd be a great way to contribute if
you're looking for something to do.

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