[xubuntu-users] Updatedb and locate does not work

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Tue Feb 7 03:42:55 UTC 2012


my /etc/updatedb.conf:

# PRUNENAMES=".git .bzr .hg .svn"
PRUNEPATHS="/tmp /var/spool /media /home/.ecryptfs"
PRUNEFS="NFS nfs nfs4 rpc_pipefs afs binfmt_misc proc smbfs autofs
iso9660 ncpfs coda devpts ftpfs devfs mfs shfs sysfs cifs lustre_lite
tmpfs usbfs udf fuse.glusterfs fuse.sshfs curlftpfs ecryptfs fusesmb

Ric's advice is relevant and now that I look at it I see "PRUNEPATHS"
which must mean "remove from the search" and I think I was searching for
many names in my /home dir as a quick test which did not work, and now I
see /home/... is "pruned". That must be my problem. 

I'm sorry, I should have read Rick's post carefully. Thank you Ric and
Jaska for the help.


On Mon, Feb 6, 2012, at 09:13 PM, Janne Jokitalo wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 06, 2012 at 12:02:55PM -0700, Lee Gold wrote:
> > Is there any one who has the same problem? This is a basic, essential
> > function for an OS - I wish it simply worked, it always used to.
> > Googling the problem but no obvious fixes.
> Lee,
> I'm not sure whether you're completely dismissing Ric's advice (it's a
> little
> rude not to report whether suggestions lead to anywhere at all), but all
> in all,
> we're gonna need a lot more information that this.
> Start by posting the output of a command, and then list the contents of a
> directory where you expect the file(s) to be found (again, with the
> command) and
> finally the configuration file's contents (that Ric pointed to). Only
> then we
> will have some data to work with.
> Wouldn't hurt to see you doing `sudo updatedb.mlocate` either.
> Also, include the output of `apt-cache policy mlocate`.
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> Jaska
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