[xubuntu-users] DVD burner not loading new discs

bob bob.currie at bulkley.net
Fri Aug 31 02:50:37 UTC 2012

On Thu, 30 Aug 2012 18:04:35 -0400
mischa falkenburg <because_productions at myfairpoint.net> wrote:

> Hello All,
>     I'm pretty sure that this problem was self-inflicted...but only for 
> the following reason:
> When a new DVD disc is in the drive, it'll "try" to load but nada,
> When the computer reboots to try an .iso, it'll load fine.
> The self-infliction most likely happened while I was trying to "explore" 
> burning discs in different formats after converting the files (visual 
> and audio). Now, weeks later I'm finally getting really upset with 
> myself and turning to you for help.
> Perhaps, might an incorrect Command be being used? For example, in the 
> "Removable Drives and Media" in "Preferences", Blank CDs & DVDs, the 
> "check" is ON for Burn When Blank Is Inserted, and the commands are 
> showing: /usr/bin/dvdauthor & /usr/bin/brasero.
> To tell the truth, I've only ever used Brasero to burn discs, so that 
> just goes to show ya...
> Suggestions?
> As always, Thanks-In-Advance.
> Mischa

I apologize for this silly idea, but I had trouble with Xfburn in 12.04 so installed Brasero, which worked fine for me.  I haven't used Xfburn for a couple of months.

That, of course, should be a last resort and if anyone can solve the problem in a more direct fashion that should be preferred.


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