[xubuntu-users] Broadcom-adapter for wifi and bluetooth still disappointing

Os Maleus os.maleus.73 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 13:37:59 UTC 2012

Hey all together!

I am using the XUbunutu since almost a year. As a newbe on Linux systems and working with Lenovo Ideapad U160 and the S10-3, I am very sattisfied with that. 
The only thing I am very sad about is that the Broadcom-adapter for wifi and bluetooth doesn't work properly. I was very much hoping that the new release would fix that, since the issue is effecting actually not only Ideapad-users like me but those who are having (at least certain models of) dell machines as well. 
Can somebody of the developers say, whether there is a work-around on this issue taking place at all? Or can somebody give me some good advise how to fix that perhaps? 

Thank You very much in forward, 

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