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Pasi Lallinaho pasi at shimmerproject.org
Wed Apr 25 09:38:35 UTC 2012

On 04/25/2012 11:08 AM, wanda wrote:
> 2012/4/25 Benoit <frombenny at aliceadsl.fr <mailto:frombenny at aliceadsl.fr>>
>     About 1 or 2 weeks ago, I opened a bug for Compiz that doesn't
>     work anymore for me on Xubuntu. They answered me that I was wrong
>     and that some other versions of dependences are available (I
>     looked for on Lubuntu Xubuntu and Ubuntu, nowhere they were
>     availables !). I haven't that message saved but :
>       * compiz still not working under Xubuntu
>       * the Ubuntu desktop works in live session but when I install
>         it, I'm unable to make it works. The screen is black and a
>         message appear that compiz isn't working from 'apport'. As I
>         autostart my sessions, I can't try to use the Unity 2D. As I
>         was rejected from my bug report, I hadn't tried another
>         install to have access to lightdm.
>     I looked for any trace of my first bug report. It seems to have
>     been deleted. It doesn't matter for me because I prefer the panel
>     of Xfce than Unity (more customizable). The only thing I miss
>     really from Compiz is the Zoom Desktop.
>     Yes I was a little upset by that answer to a bug report but still
>     also amazed by the work done for that great distributions.
>     Thanks
>     Benoit THIBAUD
> Find one that does not need to use Compiz on Xubuntu, so make the
> lightness of this great distro broken.
> Sincerely Tom.
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Please remember that the mailing list is strictly under the Code of
Conduct [1] at all times. It doesn't hurt anybody to read that once
again. Those who are not observing the Code of Conduct should not post
into the list, whether that was ultimately their own, or the list
moderators' decision.

Benoit, Compiz with Xubuntu is not officially supported, but it would
help if you linked us to the bug so somebody with experience on Xubuntu
and Compiz would be able to look at the issue closer. If they ask for
more information, be willing to give any help to them to solve the issue.

All this being said, I still can't promise the bug is going to be fixed
(soon), but there is always hope. It won't get into the final Precise
release, that's for sure, but maybe a SRU.


[1] http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct

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