[xubuntu-users] 12.04 beta2

Jack Fromm jjfrv8 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 13:23:17 UTC 2012

On 04/19/2012 07:15 PM, Karlton Douglas wrote:
> Just wanted to say I'm impressed with the 12.04 beta2 Xubuntu release. 
> Been using it since last night and it is looking good, seems a bit 
> more polished than the 11.10 release. The only issue I've had at all 
> is Firefox crashing on me just once, otherwise seems pretty stable. I 
> think this will be a good LTS release :-)
Based on this I gave it a try too.  Installed it in Virtualbox.  First 
thing I noticed was how much quicker than 11.10 it was to boot and shut 
down.  Seeing as how boot times have been regressing since 10.04, this 
was a pleasant surprise.  I'm still using Ubuntu Lucid on my desktop and 
can't tolerate Unity or Gnome Shell.  Xubuntu 11.10 had some minor 
issues on my hardware (in addition to the slower startup and shut down 
times) that prevented me from adopting it but 12.04 might be just the 
thing to move me to the next LTS.


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