[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu 10.10

Greg Zeng gregzeng at gmail.com
Fri Apr 13 09:01:12 UTC 2012

If you're happy with your current setup - DO NOT UPGRADE.  I made this
silly mistake each time.  Hours to re-install & adjust all my apps.
If ever you get Unity on your system, I found it is impossible to
avoid or get rid of.

Unity has deservedly much hatred, poor performance, inflexibility, etc
-- IMHO.  If your hardware can handle the eye candy, use DOCKY, AWN,
CAIRO, COMPIZ ... instead.  Much better than Unity - unless you have a
tablet computer released in the year 2013.

On 2012-04-13, Michał Olber <michal.olber at osworld.pl> wrote:
> Hello Alex
> Upgrading is allways problematic, because of installed software. Firstly
> you should do backup all of your data on external drive. Second the
> upgrading have to be under terminal without X running, but if you cant
> do this, do it on normal.
> If you done upgrade and have some problems type here.
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