[xubuntu-users] Xubuntu support for VMWare Workstation 7

Marc Smith marc_smith at gmx.com
Sat Oct 15 07:09:06 UTC 2011

It is actually more about virtualization application, than Xubuntu 
itself. Anyhow, VirtualBox works better than VMWare on GNU/Linux. 
VMWare is heavy, closed sourced and it generally lost its power after 
VirtualBox showed up on the scene. Unless you're running some vSphere 
"cloud" [that is: old client-server anyway] appliances, there's no need 
to even touch VMWare and paying for something you already have in 
VirtualBox, but that's your choice.

As it comes to USB, Wireless, Sharing host disk - it all works great in 

  - Marc

Dnia sob, 15 pa┼║ 2011, 01:24:07 Shaffin Bhanji pisze:
> Hello,
> I am trying to chose a kernel for my Lenovo W520 laptop based on the
> latest release of Xubuntu. My primary object is have a lean host OS
> that loads up quickly, and support the latest VMWare Workstation
> features well. The configuration I would like is that the base host OS
> be Xubuntu, and then run several development and test VMs ranging from
> Win7_32, Win7_32 and Linux guest OSes. My primary concern is that:
> 1. Anyone have an opinion on running VMWare Workstation? and if so,
> and if so, does it work well?
> 2. I would like my host USB devices to be available to my guest as I
> use an external drive to save most of my projects, anyone see any
> problems with this?
> 3. Wireless support - since most of the time I will be connected to a
> wireless network, any feedback on network access on the guest based on
> the host being wireless?
> 4. Sharing host dist to guest OS, any problems with doing on Xubuntu?
> Your comments are much appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Sam.

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