[xubuntu-users] tired

ron roncasa at verizon.net
Mon Nov 14 17:16:44 UTC 2011

  Xubuntu users,

Perhaps I am taking my frustration in form of this email but I am tired 
of it.

I do not mind an occasional bug issue or fix. By occasional, I mean 
rare. We are supposed to be setting example of stable OS.
Debian is the only one I know that does this. But alias the apps are too 
old is the drawback.

I got tired of that OS from Richmond few years ago and looked up (notice 
I said up) to Linux.
I first tried Ubuntu 8 it was good but some bugs. ver 9 was great but 10 
was terrible.
I changed to Mint, I found ver 9 very good but 10 had bugs and 11 sucks.

Perhaps I should stay with a working version and screw the upgrades.
But curiosity won out.

I have tried Xubuntu with some trepidation because it is based on 
(shudder) Ubuntu.
I find this to be much better but continues to display Ubuntu's bugs.

As a final test, I used microsoft (aghast) vista (my pc is dual boot)
and found NO stupid problems booting, or display. I used this for week.

I returned to Ubuntu, and (aghast) the bugs return in boot up process or 

I'm sure there will be offers to help and I would appreciate it.

Thus this point:
If you folks are getting together to assemble a new version, please, 
please .... MAKE IT STABLE!
Stable OS wins with everyone.

thank you for reading my whine and I apologize for my long "soap box" 


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