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Neil Winchurst neilwin at drofle.co.uk
Tue Nov 1 08:19:54 UTC 2011

antoinethewiz wrote:
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>> antoinethewiz wrote:
>>> Yes, but you can change your keyboard to any language in
>>> "Settings>  Settings Manager>   Keyboard>   Layout" anyway. As far
>>> as the date system goes; well, I'm not sure what you mean by
>>> "date system". If you mean the clock format, that can be changed
>>> by alt-clicking the clock in the it's panel and selecting
>>> properties.
>> By date system I mean that in UK we write dates as dd/mm/yyyy while
>> in the US they use mm/dd/yyyy.
>> Neil
> Yep, that would be what I understand as "clock format". So go up to
> the panel which displays your clock, alt-click it, and select
> properties. Under "Clock Options", you'll see "Format" set to "Custom
> Format". Underneath that there's a text-box. The US will have it set
> to "%a, %d %b  %H:%M". But since you're in the UK, you'll want to
> switch up the day and month (%d and %b): like so "%a, %b %d  %H:%M".
> For more flag parameters, open up terminal and enter "date --help".
> - --
OK, I have had a look at that but, it is not the clock that is the 
problem it is the calendar. Xubuntu uses Orage which does not have the 
facility to set the start day of the week. In my versions of KDE (Mint 
KDE and Kubuntu) I can use the system settings page to go to Locale 
and set the first day of the week. I can't find anything like that is 


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