[xubuntu-users] Desktop icon text

Keith Powell keith at keithg4jvx.force9.co.uk
Mon Dec 19 14:04:38 UTC 2011


For several days, I have been trying Xubuntu 11.10, both as a liveCD and 
installed inside Windows using wubi.

I am very impressed with it and like it a lot - except for one thing.

I don't like the desktop icon text being inside a box, much preferring 
white lettering and no box!

All the results of my searches give the solution of creating a 
.gtkrc-2.0 file in my home directory and putting:

A style
and such as fg[NORMAL] = "ffffff" in it.

I have tried everything I can find, but nothing works - still the 
default icons.

Is there any way of changing the desktop icon texts, please?

If I can, it's definitely Xubuntu for me!

Sorry if this has been asked recently, but a search of the mailing list 
revealed nothing.

Many thanks.



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