[xubuntu-users] Does seahorse/ssh-agent work correctly "out of the box" on xubuntu 11.04?

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Tue Dec 13 11:03:04 UTC 2011

My understanding of how ssh-agent/seahorse is supposed to work is that
when one logs into xubuntu's desktop the login password is also given to
ssh-agent and unlocks the ssh keys (and others) for the desktop session. 

In previous versions of xubuntu this didn't work correctly and I have a
number of workarounds in place.

Does anyone know if it's all now working in 11.04 and thus, can I remove
my workarounds?

If I remove *everything* related to this (e.g.  ssh-agent, seahorse and
such) and then re-install it all should I end up with a clean working

I'm asking because I got into a very confusing mess just now with
u1sdtool (the Ubuntu One command line tool) where seahorse was asking
for my key password and claiming that it *wasn't* my login password -
though when I cleared out and started again the key password most
definitely was my login password still when I got asked for it to do an
ssh login.

Chris Green

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