[xubuntu-users] was: Problems xubuntu now: top bottom debate

ron roncasa at verizon.net
Mon Dec 12 16:42:50 UTC 2011

On 12/12/2011 10:44 AM, uteck wrote:

> The advantage of top posting is that people following the discussion
> can just read the latest reply much easier.
> I click on the message, it displays in the reading pane, and I see the
> latest post, everything else is beneath my reading threshold.
> I noticed you cut out a lot of material in your reply, how can people
> follow the discussion?  I guess they will have to go back to the first
> post and read from there to find out what has been edited out.

by trimming and replying in this manner one cannot go wrong

just follow the ruling and get over it guys, please.


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