[xubuntu-users] Key Pad Not Working in VNC Session

Michael Tran MichaelT at agrivalley.com
Wed Aug 31 23:04:25 UTC 2011

Hi, I'm using XUbuntu 1104. The keypad is not working Under the TightVNC
viewer session. Followed the solution below didn't work.


Thanks for your help




-Fix Numlock not working under VNC Session


I used this workaround to permanently disable mousekeys shortcut
shift+num-lock, alt+shift+num-lock etc…


sudo mousepad /usr/share/X11/xkb/compat/complete

and comment out lines for mousekeys and accesx(full) (for full keyboard
accessibility purge)

resulting file /usr/share/X11/xkb/compat/complete:

// $XKeyboardConfig$

// $Xorg: complete,v 1.3 2000/08/17 19:54:34 cpqbld Exp $

default xkb_compatibility “complete” {

include “basic”

augment “iso9995″

//augment “mousekeys”

//augment “accessx(full)”

augment “misc”

augment “xfree86″

augment “level5″


Wish you a lot happy days without moving mouse by keypad

Greets Ondrej



Michael Tran

I.T. Administrator

Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc.

Email: MichaelT at Agrivalley.com



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