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On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 20:46:07 -0400
Robin <dixiedancer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello fellow Xubuntu users,
> I found this little excerpt in Xubuntu Team Reports (at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/TeamReports#Xubuntu.2BAC8-TeamReports.2BAC8-11.2BAC8-July.Community):
> Community
> We are striving to get more users to blog about Xubuntu. We would like to get word out of the changes being made, as well as new releases.
> The Xubuntu Community holds a regular meetings alternating on Mondays at 19:00 UTC and Sundays at 22:00 UTC in #xubuntu-devel. Please see the schedule and agenda at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings.
> I blog sometimes about Xubuntu, but on my poor old computer (my ONLY computer, "mission critical") I rely on the LTS editions so I can't really write about the latest cool stuff going on in development. But I do love to brag about Xubuntu! I do it in my own blog, and I do so discreetly and politely in comments to other blogs and Linux news sites. I think Xubuntu is seriously underrated even though it is probably enjoying a resurgence in new users who are unhappy about Unity. Ironically I'd love to try Unity, but it's too much for this old hardware.
> What exactly does the "community lead" do?

I believe anyone can be a "community lead". This is the individual who
jumps up and starts writing about what a great operating system they
found. They attempt to help users on the mailing list, a source of help
for those lost on IRC and on the forums. They might be helping users on
IRC or on forums. They might not use the "latest and broken-est"
development release. They do follow the mailing lists and meeting logs,
and write about what the next great release will have. They might even
write about what the current release has, that works well for them.
They are the people giving an example to follow, for those who want to
become involved in the fantastic community surrounding this thing
called Xubuntu (pronounced "zoo boon too" in English).

> And what do "community team members" do besides blog about Xubuntu?

Community members are those individuals contributing to Xubuntu. A few
ways to contribute without being a developer:

 * They might be testing the latest development release by using it
 * They also might be only testing the milestones, which are what the
   alpha and beta releases are called. 
 * They might be writing about  Xubuntu, whether that is the stable
   release, the development release, or the LTS release. Not everyone
   out there realized that Xubuntu even has an LTS release. It is not
   part of the official supported LTS release, but it supported by
 * Community members also provide support in the forums.
 * Community members provide support on IRC, in the #xubuntu channel.
 * They report bugs they find.
 * They give input when asked about current applications, and changing
   default applications.
 * Community members vote for the Xubuntu Project Lead, who has overall
   responsibility for the actual distribution.
 * They also promote Xubuntu when ever possible. Which operating system
   do you recommend? Is it "linux", "Windows", or "Xubuntu"?
 * Sometimes they simply read the wiki
   (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu) and make the needed corrections to
   our spelling, grammar, and release versions.
 * Some community members help answer questions on the user mailing

Without a community, the developers must attempt to decide what is best
for the users, and it is difficult to name "the best default
application" without knowing what users prefer.

> I'm not internet savvy enough to run a web site or a forum (but I did co-moderate a YahooGroup for awhile), and I don't know my way around IRC at all. In fact the few times I ventured into IRC, I spent so much time trying (without success) to get a permanent "nickname" and learn the dumb commands there that I eventually gave up. Same with "signing" the Code of Conduct! At the risk of making myself sound like a total imbicile, I admit that I wouldn't be willing to keep trying without some sort of "plain English" step-by-step guide to the process.
> But I want to contribute if I can, and writing is one way in which I think I might be able to. Could some of you "real" Xubuntu Team Members answer the two questions above and offer some advice to an enthusiastic supporter with my limitations?
> Thanks very much,
> Robin

I started by answering questions on the user mailing list. When
I felt like I could do more, I began triaging bugs, Testing was a
natural transition for me, since I did have a spare computer just
sitting around. It took two years before I figured out what IRC was,
and how to use it. I am neither a developer nor a coder, and was just a
user. I can't quite seem to even learn bash, much less C, C++, vala,
glade, and some of the other things I see tossed around as things
to use to write code. 

I hope this provides some insight into the actual questions. I am,
apparently, quite enthusiastic about those who wish to help. 

Maybe someone else wants to get on this box, and I will learn some more
things about Xubuntu! That would be great too.

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