[xubuntu-users] Window Maker

Andreas S├Ąger villeroy at t-online.de
Mon Aug 8 08:42:35 UTC 2011

Am 06.08.2011 18:59, Drmgiver wrote:
> I just got curious on a whim, does anyone out there love Window Maker as
> much as I do? It is what I find myself using most often with my Xubuntu
> install.
> Justin

Hi Justin,

Yes, there is someone out there. I fell in love with wm when I started 
using Linux in 2001 (SuSE 8.0, the beginning of KDE 3).
I'm familiar with Linux on a surficial level. So I do not need an 
"integrated desktop environment" to feed the right data into the 5 or 6 
programs I use to use.
Nevertheless it's always nice to have such a system for other users 
together with a graphical file manager being able to show preview icons.

IMHO, all that fuzz about KDE and Gnome is a ridiculous waste of 
development time, totally overstretched and overestimated.

Greetings from Germany,

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