[xubuntu-users] Is Xubuntu Not "Official?"

James Freer jessejazza3 at aol.co.uk
Fri Aug 5 12:07:19 UTC 2011

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Just a quick question, prompted by repeated omissions from Canonical:

When Ubuntu released the updated LiveCD for version 10.04 (Lucid 
Lynx),images were made available for Ubuntu and Kubuntu -but not 

Now Ubuntu 11.10 has reached Alpha 3 and ISOs can be downloaded 
forUbuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and even Lubuntu - but not Xubuntu!

LiveCDs of Ubuntu and Kubuntu can be ordered from Canonical. Both 
wereavailable for free from Canonical's ShipIt service. But notXubuntu.

Is Xubuntu official or isn't it? Is it supported by Canonical or isn't 
it?I wish someone could explain this. I occasionally find complaints 
onUbuntu Forums that "Canonical needs to show Kubuntu more love!" But 
notXubuntu. There are Ubuntu Forumsand Kubuntu forums. But noXubuntu 
forums. Only this little mailing list.

Why no respect for Xubuntu? [whiny fanboimode] Xubuntu is the 
mostawesomest Linux distro in the history of evvaaaar! Why 
doesn'tCanonical show Xubu some love!? [/whiny fanboi mode]

Just wondering.


You raise a good point. I think because it's user base is much smaller 
than the other two it is given the 'runt' label in my opinion.

The developers are volunteers which is not the same with Ubuntu (i 
gathered there were salaried staff as it's the flagship distro)... i 
think kubuntu is also volunteer.

I've been using Xubuntu since early 2010 and i really like it. I like 
the simplicity and choice of apps which do all i want without bloat.


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