[xubuntu-users] USB problems

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Sat Sep 4 20:07:15 BST 2010

>> I'm having continued problems with USB thumb drives. I want to 
>> plug it in and have it work. Eg. I try to paste a file to it and 
>> it doesn't work. All the permissions are owned by root on the 
>> drive. How do I config it to work when I plug it in.

> I had similar problems with Ubuntu Lucid.  I solved them by uninstalling usbmount.  
>(Which is odd, because I had to install it in Karmic to > make usb >things work.)  I've never understood why, and I don't suppose > this >is the full answer to usb follies.


Uninstalled usbmount and problem went away. Same situation as cited above. Thanks. 

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