[xubuntu-users] Freeze @ boot

Schneider János ckop64 at gmail.com
Sun May 30 10:27:54 UTC 2010

2010-05-30 11:45 keltezéssel, Will Walthall írta:
> Can you boot into a live-cd?  If you can't I would assume a hardware
> failure somewhere.  If you can boot into a live-cd you could try
> reinstalling.  If reinstalling fails or doesn't change your problem
> then if would be safe to assume there is something wrong with the
> harddrive or RAM.
> Best of Luck
> Will
Hey. I had an issue related to this, namely: the live CD reported a critical
failure on booting both with Ubuntu and Xubuntu. Otherwise both worked fine.
Maybe are they bugged? No idea, I couldn't get any support related to 
this one.

Best of Luck for you too

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