[xubuntu-users] No Sound: PulseAudio WAS the Culprit

Tim Henderson bizdev at pwnspeak.com
Thu May 13 03:13:39 UTC 2010

Good to hear!

My coffee table is free from water marks thanks to brasero has well.

Tim H.

On 05/12/10 21:24, Robin wrote:
> I decided to remove PulseAudio completely in an effort to have sound
> again, as in Karmic. It worked once I un-muted stuff and set sound levels.
> In case anyone else is having the same trouble:
> uninstall: PulseAudio and gstreamer0.10-pulseaudio
> install: alsa-base, allsa-tools, alsa-tools-gui, alsa-utils,
> slsamixer-gui, linux-sound-base, libesd-alsa0, and gnome-alsamixer
> Most of the alsa stuff is already there - just use Synaptic. If it's
> green, it's already installed.
> Then menu > multimedia > alsamixergui (and Gnome Alsa Mixer and Mixer -
> open all three) and set all the outputs to un-muted and full (or near
> full) volume.
> I realize that when it's ready, PulseAudio will offer some cool
> advantages. But on my 'puter at least, PulseAudio was the reason I had
> no sound at all.
> I also replaced Brasero with Xfburn (Brasero always made coasters while
> Xfburn has been great). The new Thunderbird is so completely different
> from what I was used to (for example, the instant it had my gmail
> settings it created a half-dozen new folders and began filling them -
> including the trash!), that I replaced it with SeaMonkey. It works just
> like good ol' Thunderbird 2.0 (except for the Lightning extension), and
> is available through the Software Center or Synaptic. Simply edit the
> settings to have it open Mail and News at start-up instead of the
> Browser. I now have my LTS that works just like Karmic did. Sound and all.
> Offered to those of you who loved Karmic Xubuntu and wished it was as
> good as Karmic Xubuntu was,
> Robin

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