[xubuntu-users] only low mode video now

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Thu Mar 25 20:25:05 GMT 2010


I was playing with using the ATI proprietary video driver, but I decided to stick w/the xorg driver. Unfortunatly I hosed I think my xorg.conf file. There's no xorg.conf file except for some generic backups that were automatically made - no "original" one. I went to synaptic and reinstalled: X.Org-Xserver-video-radeon, the driver that's always worked OK. But my lapbooks boots into low-video mode only now it does not "see" I've reinstalled the non-propietary driver again. Do I make a custom xorg.config file? Or, is there a way to get Xubuntu to do this automatically (I thought it would when I reinstalled the xorg driver but it didn't). Thanks


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