[xubuntu-users] recovery mode vs normal

Ярослав Райченко gruz222 at rambler.ru
Mon Mar 15 21:04:36 GMT 2010

hi there!
I am wondering if there are different items of xfce4 for the normal and 
the recovery modes? or some conf files?
Long story short: xubunto 7.10, After pottering around with the window 
tweaks manager both in the normal and the recovery modes I became unable 
to login. With an aid from the helpdesk (hello, Vincent!)  I finally 
found the proper file to cancel window tweak manager and finally logged 
in in the normal mode. However, in the recovery mode after startx 
command i got fatal error of X. In the normal mode the file to edit is 
./.conf/xfce4/mcs_settings/wmtweaks.xml. Which file or a directory to 
look at for the recovery mode?
Thanks a lot,

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