[xubuntu-users] Freeze occur with thunar

Lee Gold leegold at operamail.com
Mon Jul 26 19:39:51 BST 2010


Using Xubuntu 10.04. Sometimes I'll do sudo thunar when I need to do something as root. Its very convenient. But I find sometimes thunar will freeze. Also, mousepad or gedit run w/sudo will also occasionally freeze. I repeatedly click the close "X" or try quit in the file menu and after a while a dialog box pops up and I say "yes" and the app closes. I have 3 gigs of ram and a fast cpu in my laptop, I wondered if there's a tweak to avoid this?

I also find w/many windows open and a lot going on things will slow done in general esp. like above when trying to close a window. I would not expect this to happen on a fast machine w/lots of ram...

Note, it's a freeze or sluggishness on a specific window level - I can leave the window and do something else that's unaffected. Then in 20 seconds the frozen window might close on it's own.

Lee G.

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