[xubuntu-users] $@$@$&%#%& Nvidia card... HDA NVidia (Alsa Mixer) But no sound card detected

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Sun Jul 11 12:26:07 UTC 2010

On Sun, 11 Jul 2010 01:58:36 -0400
"Joe(theWordy)Philbrook" <jtwdyp at ttlc.net> wrote:

> Well I think I mentioned that I'd installed (and configured) both PCLinuxOS
> and Arch Linux before I began replicating my amd_64 laptop's Xubuntu Karmic
> on this recently acquired amd_64 desktop... As it turns out I wound up
> using Nvidia video drivers on all three. In the case of both the other two
> Linux the sound works. In both cases if I select a certain mixer from the
> XFCE menu I can peek at the "selected video card set-up" In both cases the
> selection was "HDA NVidia (Alsa Mixer)" I'm not really sure the name of
> that mixer as for some reason the menu just called it "mixer" and icons are
> all meaningless pictures to me...
> Now in Xubuntu I've installed several mixers, and just about every other
> package with alsa in the package name. But absolutely none of them are able
> to find a sound card. At least the ones that exit gracefully grumble about
> that. Though some just silently fail...I have doubts that a proprietary
> Nvidia Video driver would mask the Nvidia sound (chip?) that likely resides
> on the video card. And as I said both the other linux distros are using it
> without my needing to do anything special. 
> Would anyone have a clue what I can do to be able to listen to my .wav
> files while using  Xubuntu Karmic???

Have you enabled the mixer controls? On my system, I have to
double-click the speaker, select the master, PCM, CD, and video
controls. Then I switch from alsa to pulse-audio in the same mixer
window, select master. Close the mixer, right-click the speaker, select
properties. Change the control from alsa to pulse-audio and everything
then works.

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