[xubuntu-users] Strange effect of lyx with xubuntu-10.10

Hellmut Weber mail at hellmutweber.de
Mon Dec 27 21:12:05 UTC 2010

Hi list,
I frecently switched to xubuntu 10.10
and installedmy favorite document writing program lyx using the command
    apt-get install lyx
I worked fine fro a while, as usual ;-)

Now it seems that I have changed something in the settings of xfce with
the effect that lyx starts with all the menus in **greek** letters for
the german entries.

System: xubuntu 10.10
Lyx: 1.6.7-r1
locale: de_DE.UTF-8

I have searched all reasonable files in ~/.lyx and in /usr/share/lyx.
I also tried commands like
    LANG="de_DE" lyx
which strangely changed the language of the menus to english, still
shown in greek letters.
Next I searched all xfce settings I could find.

Eventually I removed lyx with the command
    apt-get autoremove lyx
which should have deleted all configuration files (according to the
apt-get man-page). Then reinstallad it. Same effect again (greek letters).

Since I don't have any ecperience with xubuntu so far, I'm totally lost
for the moment.

Anybody could point out some setting I have set erroneously?



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