[xubuntu-users] Application priority

Danny Taylor d4nnyt at gmail.com
Tue May 12 16:33:27 UTC 2009

I think you can stop this by going into;

Applications > Settings > Window Manager Tweaks

Click on the 'Focus' tab and check the box to 'Activate focus stealing

Hope this works for you,

2009/5/12 Michele Mor <m_mor at mail15.com>

> Hi.
> Since I have an old laptop, I usually launch Firefox and start browsing.
> Then I launch Openoffice and go back to FF to keep browsing.
> The annoying thing is that suddenly Openoffice jump into focus and I have
> to click again on FF.
> Note that the opposite is true.
> I open OO, start writing, then launch FF. I keep writing in OO and suddenly
> I find myself writing in FF!!
> Is it possible to change the behaviour of applications and force them to
> stay in the background, until specifically selected by the user?
> Hope my explanation is clear.
> Thanks.
> Michele
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