[xubuntu-users] 9.04 boot and install problems

David Duckslammer davidduckslammer at gmail.com
Fri May 8 10:54:49 UTC 2009

When booting from both the install CD and from an installed system, my
laptop hangs indefinitely at several points until a key is pressed.  No
error messages are displayed on the text console, verifying the CD comes up
clean, and fsck of installed filesystem comes up clean.

Booting the installed system in recovery mode, I see that two of these
places are when drivers are loading, both to do with USB.  The first is when
it says "USB 2-2: using new driver" etc etc.  It just sits there forever
until I press a key, any key.  The second is where it say "USB video" (USB
video?  what the heck is that?).  Ditto.

I had an apparently clean working version until something got screwed up
with the wifi and I couldn't figure it out, so I thought it's be easier to
just reinstall than scratch my head for another day.  That's when I started
having problems with it hanging on startup.

I just did yet another re-install.  When it was all done, after it said
"press enter to finish", I pressed enter and it froze again.  Switching to a
text console, zillions of error messages were scrolling by, much too fast to
read, but something about "input/output error".  I saw those when I was
trying to figure out the thumbdrive persistence problem (files weren't being
saved) and assumed it was a bad thumbdrive.  But I'm not using one now.  Is
this my harddisk failing?  If so, how can I test it?  Then the errors ended
with a long series of complaints about missing apport modules.  That's the
crash dump analyser right?  So how do I find out what's going on if the
debug tools are missing from the install?

I should also note that memtest doesn't find any memory errors.

Why would it hang loading a driver until a key is pressed?

My best guess is that I have some kind of hardware problem but I am
completely at a loss how to even begin to guess what it might be.

Clues appreciated,

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