[xubuntu-users] Hard disk damaged! Partition improperly dismounted with Xubuntu

Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at gmx.de
Wed Mar 11 19:45:00 UTC 2009

Vincent wrote:
> But anyway, the reason this happened (not the hard drive crash but not 
> being able to boot WinXP nor Xubuntu) is because both were installed 
> onto an NTFS drive (which is Microsoft's filesystem format) which isn't 
> very good at handling this. 

Actually NTFS has a long and successfull history and it is a very robust 
When the OP had not used partition magic, it might have been possible to 
save some data because of NTFS' robustness. However a fully crashed NTFS 
is no better than any fully crashed linux fs can be.

The Wubi website warns for this - exactly
> because when something like this causes Windows to crash it will take 
> Xubuntu down with it when installed using Wubi.
> Thus, installing Xubuntu directly has preference because it can use 
> Linux filesystem formats which are generall more tolerant to this. 

Not more tolerant but way better suited to Linux, I would say.

And I fully agree, either you want linux or windows. WUBI with Linux on 
Windows imho is more or less a marketing vehicle. And as such, it might 


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