[xubuntu-users] Hard disk damaged! Partition improperly dismounted with Xubuntu

Bruno Diaz b_d_r_i at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 10 19:13:12 UTC 2009

I had a problem on Xubuntu installed with Wubi and I don't know why this happened because I wasn't doing anything related to the partitions when the computer crashed. I was using the pc, it was running slowly and then I was not able to close any window because the desktop was not working... Thus I was forced to reboot the pc using PC off button.
Then was impossible to boot neither Xubuntu nor Windows XP. I used partition magic to check error and noticed: "Partition improperly dismounted", but partition magic could not fix it. I tried to open the partition to save the data with Knoppix and Ubuntu but were unable to mount the partition. Then I tried to recovey the data but also was impossible. Finally I delete and format the partition, but  I was not able to reinstall Windows Xp beacuse noticed hard disk damaged....
What can I do?  
And for the future... Is there any way to close a window in Xubuntu when the desktop is not working? Like a reset Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows. 

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