[xubuntu-users] Installation problem with xubuntu

Charlie Kravetz cjk at teamcharliesangels.com
Fri Jul 10 00:40:23 UTC 2009

On Thu, 9 Jul 2009 20:27:46 -0400
"David J. Ellis" <dr.ellis at physics.org> wrote:

> I have downloaded xubuntu-8.04.1-alternate-i386.iso and am attempting
> to install it on a rather aged laptop. It seems to get as far as the
> partitioner and then hangs. I am wondering if I am simply pushing my
> luck trying to get this to work on such an old machine and should
> give up now or whether I have merely done something stupid along the
> way. Details below:
> 1. The laptop is old!!! 1999 BIOS, only 128 Mbyte RAM, 3 Gbyte HD,
> 233 MHz Intel. There is nothing on this system that needs to be
> preserved. Candidly, I'm only trying to set it up as a test bed to
> decide whether I can convert some other more modern systems over to
> Linux now that the application set is broader.
> 2. I have written the iso file to CD and it boots fine. I have run
> the CD check in the initial menu and that is also fine. The
> installation proceeds normally as far as the partitioner. "Guided
> partitioning" appears to prepare to set up partition #1 as Ext2
> (about 3Gbyte) and partition #5 as swap (about 197Mbyte). Continuing
> from this point it just hangs and leaves a badly corrupt partition
> and MBR.
> 3. The only way to remove the corrupt partition seems to be an old
> copy of DOS FDISK that manages to delete it. (Even Partition Magic
> blows up on the corruption.) From this point I have used Partition
> Magic to manually create and format an Ext2 and swap partitions of
> equivalent sizes to above, formatted both and made Ext2 bootable. I
> then repeated the xubuntu install except this time I tried a manual
> partitioning. I manually mounted Ext2 as root. The partitioner seems
> happy with the manually prepared Ext2. It does still ask to format
> swap even though I did that with Partition Magic. If I let it do that
> format again it hangs up as before. (I get a small yellow rectangle
> that says "wait bay", the CD-ROM indicator goes busy for a short
> while, then it stops and the HDD indicator goes busy and stays that
> way.)
> Any suggestions???
> Please try to explain carefully - I am not a UNIX expert. I dabbled
> with Red Hat a little over ten years ago but have since then been
> tied into MS as much of what I needed was only available on MS.
> Before that I was in the VMS world so my UNIX terminology is very
> weak.
> David E.

With only 128MB ram, you should expect that installation to take
between 6 and 15 hours, which will appear hung many times. 

To speed up installation, download the alternate installer cd and burn
it. It should install in about 2-6 hours. It will still appear to hang,
just leave it alone and it should complete. 

You should expect the system to be a bit slow. You will be open one or
two applications at a time, but will need patience. 

Here is the link to the alternate image for 32bit systems:

Good luck, and please don't hesitate to ask for further information
and/or help.

Charlie Kravetz 
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