[xubuntu-users] Proper way to install Seamonkey

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at gmail.com
Tue Jan 20 12:32:52 UTC 2009

leegold wrote:
> Just to complicate things there's Icecap which seems to be a SeaMonkey
> "flavor", there's a deb 1.1.14 pkg for it. I guess I just installed
> Seamonkey locally in my home and that's no big deal...
Iceape is the same thing as Seamonkey, just rebranded so it could be
included in Debian (Mozilla, Seamonkey, Firefox and Thunderbird names
and logos are trademarks of Mozilla company. only Seamonkey is developed
outside Mozilla company - seamonkey-project.org)

Current 1.1.14 is inside Debian and I am not sure if Ubuntu Seamonkey
is derived from Debian`s Iceape or directly from seamonkey.org source.

One thing for shure.. I can`t tolerate this thing that all Ubuntu users
use older and not security patched Seamonkey, it must be resolved in one
way or another.

> IMO SeaMonkey has the "feel" of Mozilla suite and early Firefox which I
> crave - it's almost perfect.

I share your decision about using Seamonkey/Iceape and its user
interface. :)
I like very much integrated Mail/News client with web browser and other
things inside. I think it is vastly superior to alone versions and I am
used to it. (See mnenhy, noscript and enigmail addons)

Only thing I truly missing is CALENDAR extension and I was truey shocked
when it stopped be made for Seamonkey.

Seamonkey 2 is based in newer foundation, similar to newer FF/TB
and when we switch to 2.0 then it will be possible to port calendar

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