[xubuntu-users] Set DNS while using DHCP

David Collins david.8.collins at gmail.com
Sat Jan 10 23:44:17 UTC 2009


A DHCP server can allocate IP addresses AND DNS settings to DHCP
If you don't want your PC to get DNS settings from DHCP, though, you
need to configure the DHCP server to NOT give out DNS settings.
You then manually specify the DNS servers that the PC uses, on the PC.
(Of course, when you change the settings on the DHCP server, ALL DHCP
clients will be affected.)

I hope that answers your question at least partly.


On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 16:16 -0700, leegold wrote:

> I wanted to keep everything the same but just change the DNS servers
> my
> pc was using while browsing the internet. I want DHCP to do everything
> else - but I want to tweak the servers I use after DHCP does it's
> thing.
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