[xubuntu-users] No sound whatsoever

Jonathan D. Armendariz jarmenda at lavabit.com
Sat Jan 10 03:46:23 GMT 2009

Jim Campbell wrote:

> I'm sure we could work through some things with you, but for starters, 
> have you looked through the sound trouble-shooting guide on the wiki? 
> [1]  That should get you started, and if it doesn't fix your problem, 
> you'll at least have all of the information handy thatw e would have 
> asked you about.
> Also, is the volume plugin installed in one of your panels?  It should 
> look like a small speaker.  If it isn't, right-click on your panel, and 
> select to install it.  Your fix may be as easy as installing that panel 
> applet, and changing the volume.
> Let us know if you still have more trouble,

Well, wouldn't you know, adding the volume icon did the trick. Not sure 
the logic behind it but at this point I don't care! I got my sound now 
and that is what is important. I had to tweak the settings a bit more so 
the signal wasn't so over-driven and now it's all good to go.

Thank you for the advice. Still have a ways to go with learnin' Linux.

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