[xubuntu-users] More login woes!

Preben Randhol randhol+xubuntu at pvv.org
Fri Dec 4 19:03:09 UTC 2009


I reinstalled xubuntu on my asus Eee to change to ext4 filesystem. The
problem now is that when I try to replace gdm with either gdm-2.20 or
slim, the screen gets messed up (like X doesn't know the screen width)
so I can only use the gdm that followed xubuntu. What has changed
lately so that only gdm works? slim (same version) worked before and I
thought the gdm-2.20 that karmic ships should work?

The default gdm is relatively fast on fast stationary PCs, but
extremely timeconsuming on netbooks. Also I cannot seem to get any
other sessions than xfce and xterm in gdm. What gives?

Thanks in advance for //any// hints!

Preben Randhol
«Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.»
                                   - Isaac Asimov

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