[xubuntu-users] File Sharing

Marko Oreskovic markoresko at gmail.com
Sun Oct 12 00:00:14 UTC 2008

Robert Brookes wrote:
> [Places] menu, I was hoping someone may be able to give me a quick steer
> as to how I should file share between systems (LAN), and connect to FTP
> with Xubuntu. 
> Thanks in advance.

I use smbmount and smbumount commands to mount remote SMB share.
(How to make smb share on other machine , you can find on
Where you can even find even how to permanently automount
smb shares on every boot.

I my case it is done by:
  sudo apt-get install smbfs
You set your smb password on host computer with:
  sudo smbpasswd -L _yourusername_
If you dont use dhcp server on your local network,
you can set hostname(s) in:
  sudo nano /etc/hosts
I set up directories to mount shars with:
  sudo mkdir /mnt/sharename
  sudo chown _yourusername_ /mnt/sharename -R
  sudo chmod u+rw /mnt/sharename -R

I mounnt shares with:
  sudo /usr/bin/smbmount //hostname/sharename /mnt/sharename -n -o 

And dismount them with:
  sudo /usr/bin/smbumount /mnt/sharename

You can put that commands in some file in home directory
and You can look at the previous links how to do it automatically on 
every boot.

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