[xubuntu-users] Share bookmarks XP with Xubuntu

Robert Jansen rlj.jansen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 22:24:27 UTC 2008

hi , if you use firefox you can download the foxmarks extension, to sync
bookmarks on a your computers, works perfect for me,

greetings Robert

2008/11/13 Marko Oreskovic <markoresko at gmail.com>

> leegold wrote:
> > I have two hard drives one is Xubuntu the other is XP. I want to have
> > access to my XP Firefox bookmarks in Xubuntu's FF. What's the best way
> > to do this? I can mount the XP NTFS hard drive with no problems in
> > Xubuntu read/write - so if that's part of the solution I can do that...
> You could transfer bookmarks.html from profile on one system to another.
> Also, I think that you can transfer ALL data.
> only Difference is profile paths inside prefs.js file.
> On WindBlows, it is somewhere inside <Drive>\Documents and
> settings\<username>\Application
> Data\Mozilla\Profiles\default\<profilecode>\
> On Linux it is somewhere in
> /home/<username>/.mozilla/firefox/<profilecode>/
> (Sorry if I omit something in path, but, you get Idea)
> I Myself use Seamonkey (Application suite that have mail/news client,
> irc, web browser integrated, based on same Mozilla technology as Firefox
> and Thunderbird, http://www.seamonkey-project.org/),
> and I managed to transfer all my data (2.5+Gigs of Mail,Newsgroups large
> bookmark, saved passwords,certificates etc,) only by copying whole
> profile and editing prefs.js file for changing paths.
> And i did it from Windblows to Linux. (When windblows died and I was
> booting Linux from CD to work).
> And then again the same data from Linux back to Windblows. And finally
> from WindBlows to Linux permanently ;)
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