[xubuntu-users] Lost: Window Manager. If Found: Please call Dave

David Curtis dcurtis at uniserve.com
Wed Nov 5 19:06:25 UTC 2008

I'm running 8.10 w/Intrepid proposed, compiz on top of Xfce. After last 
update (new Nvidia 177, new kernel, etc) and restart I've lost all 
window decorations. All windows including sub-windows, sub-menus, 
dialogs etc. start at 0,0. I've removed nvidia 177 for nv, removed 
compiz and re-installed Xfce4 but to no avail. Opening up 
Applications->Settings->Settings Manager->Window Manager results in the 
error 'Window Manager does not exist(unknown)'.

I have no clue even where to begin trouble shooting this, any suggestions ?


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