[xubuntu-users] A question about email clients from a newbie

John Botscharow info at jbotscharow.com
Thu May 29 04:40:01 UTC 2008

I switched from Windows to Ubuntu a couple of months ago and, after
experimenting with various desktop configurations, I have settled on
Xubuntu 8.04 using Xfce4-dusk. I am using gdm because my theme works
better with gnome stuff. But, I have one problem - settling on an email

I currently have Evolution and Thunderbird installed. But I am not
totally satisifed with either. Is there another email app that would
work well with the Xfce4-dusk theme that provides most of the features
that are found in the two clients I currently have installed, like pgp
support, good contact manager, good filtering capabilities, etc -
calendar would be nice but not necessary. 

I liked KMail when I tried it but could not get the Xfce theme to work
with it and I need the dark theme because of my eyes. Trying to get
KMail to look like what I needed was too confusing for me. I am a writer
and a marketer, not a programmer, so keep that in mind, please, when
offering advice. 



You do have choice on what operating system you use:

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