[xubuntu-users] repository/mirror problem

Gary Crosby grcrosby at gmail.com
Fri May 9 16:49:21 UTC 2008

Here is my question as best as I can word it. I changed the repository
by going into Synaptic and asking it to find the best (fastest?)
repository before upgrading to Hardy. It is much faster than the
official canadian site, for which I am thankful. However it requires
that any operation with the repository be done twice.

For example, apt-get update has connection errors on the first
attempt, but the second attempt, done seconds later, is fine. With
apt-get upgrade I get errors telling me to use apt-get -fix-missing or
wait until later. Again, if I send the order seconds later, it works

With Synaptic I get errors on the first attempt, but if I reapply it
works great.

I have searched for answers, but I seem to be asking the wrong
question, so I thought someone here might know what is happening.



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