[xubuntu-users] No sound in Xubuntu whatsoever

Jonathan D. Armendariz jarmenda at gmx.com
Thu Dec 4 00:01:01 UTC 2008


I have a bit of an issue that has me stumped. As per the title well, I 
get no sound whatsoever. Interesting thing is that I know for a fact the 
audio card (Ensoniq AudioPCI) I have installed works as it operates just 
fine using Kubuntu and Ubuntu (both 8.10) but of course with a few minor 
tweaks. I have it set for my card in the Xfce settings manager but still 
no luck. I am led to believe that it may be due to some missing software 
component but no idea which one it might be. If anyone has any ideas or 
something to get me in the general direction I'd certainly would 
appreciate it.

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