[xubuntu-users] something wrong with xfce4-panel, xfce4-xkb-plugin

Jimmy Wu jimmywu013 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 28 01:28:44 UTC 2007

Ubuntu 7.04, with xfce4 also installed

Adding the keyboard switcher to the plugin, I can see a black line that
disappears quickly.
I tried starting xfce4-panel from a terminal window and adding the
xkb-plugin to panel results shows the following error messages in the

** Message: Keyboard Layout Switcher: screen changed: 0

** Message: No valid plug window.

(xfce4-panel:20275): Gtk-CRITICAL **: gtk_socket_get_id: assertion
`GTK_WIDGET_ANCHORED (socket)' failed

** (xfce4-panel:20275): CRITICAL **: An item was unexpectedly removed:
"Keyboard Layout Switcher".

What does this mean?  All of my other panel plugins work perfectly.  Only
the keyboard layout switcher gives me problems, and totally un/re-installing
doesn't help.
As a side note: The xkb options and layouts I put in my xorg.conf are
working normally, without problems.  I can still switch between layouts
using the key I set (scroll lock), but I can't see it in my panel.

Please help!

Thanks in advance,


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