[xubuntu-users] can't run Live CD 7.04

djfake djfake at yahoo.com
Sun May 27 17:46:47 UTC 2007

I have an old Sony Vaio Notebook PCG-5211 that's ran Xubuntu 6.06 Dapper
quite nicely. It has an external CD-ROM drive (through PCMCIA card).
When I try to run the Xubuntu 7.04 CD, I get the following error: 

/bin/sh: can't access tty; job control turned off

I know this is a bug (#96084 that evidently doesn't seem fixable). In
actuality the computer boots off the live CD, but when I go to run from
the menu, once the kernel loads, it "forgets" where the CD drive is, and
never loads. The fix with "siig" doesn't work for me.  

Does anyone know a way to work around this? thanks!


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