[xubuntu-users] Xfburn won't burn ISO-file

Jim Campbell jwcampbell at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 19:28:04 UTC 2007

Hi Rolf,

As Illusha said, you may want to try setting the speed option . . .
Hopefully that will work.  If so, let us know by responding to the list.

In my experience, other users have had difficulty with burning ISO's in
Xfburn.  Xfburn seems to burn regular files and folders just fine, but has
trouble with ISO's.  I am not sure what the status is in regards to this
being fixed at this time, but others may be able to lend some insight into
this . . .

As a workaround for the time being, there is a simple command to burn an ISO
from the command line.  This is what I do:

1) Navigate to the folder where the ISO is kept.  In this case, we'll say
it's in our "iso" folder at the following path:  /home/$username/store/iso
To get there, just open up the Terminal program, and type: cd store/iso
You may want to then type "ls" to list the files that are present in that
folder just to make sure that the ISO you want present there.

2) Then enter the following command via the command line: cdrecord -v
dev=/dev/cdrom name_of_file.iso
This will burn the file onto the CD-Rom using the cdrecord program.  The -v
option stands for "verbose" mode, of course.  :-)

You may want to view the "man" file of cdrecord prior to burning the cdrom,
as the above command will burn a cd at the maximum speed allowed by your CD
burner.  The man page will show you how to set a specific speed at which to
burn the CDROM in case your computer is on the slow side . . .

I suppose I should use Xfburn to see what problems I encounter so I can
report bugs against anything that goes wrong, but the command line has
worked well for me . . .  I hope this helps!


On 6/13/07, Rolf Edlund <rolf_e at telia.com> wrote:
> Hi!
> I now use Xu 7.04. I can't get Xfburn 0.2.0 to burn a ISO-file. I get
> "wodim: Bad Option: speed=.". I only get this problem with Xfburn.
> I have no problem burning the ISO file, as a regular file with Xfburn.
> How to fix the ISO problem ?
> /Rolf
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