[xubuntu-users] Performance problems on Xubuntu Edgy

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Sat Jun 9 09:00:39 UTC 2007

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>> Dnia Sat, Mar 10, 2007 at 06:51:29PM +0100, napisale(a)s: 
>>> I should have seen a general slowdown due to the swapping. However,
>>> the Gimp should not have taken so many ressources as to make Firefox
>>> unavailable, and vice versa.
>> Well, Firefox is all nice and fast when you start it. But after a
>> while it starts to use more and more RAM for keeping the rendered
>> pages. Unless you limit its memory usage, it can easily use up all
>> your ram.
>> Of course any program that would start then would be left with very
>> little ram for itself. Since the rendered pages are kept as X
>> reseources, they are technically being used all the time -- so no
>> swapping is really possible. This is of course a bug of the Firefox.
>> I think that one can limit the amount of RAM used by Firefox in the
>> about:config settings. Google for details.
> This is a neat trick.
> http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/1327586/posts
> no I don't endorse the politics of the site.  I found this on the
> xubuntu breezy wiki.
> I have used as little as 8 mb successfully.
Actually, it turned out that my swap was configured incorrectly, so I 
wasn't actually using swap. Each time memory consumption hit the 
"ceiling", system performance would halt to a grind.

Why? Because of a "bug" or "feature" in the Dapper->Edgy upgrade.

The solution is described here:


and my system is now running smoothly even with many tabs open in 
Firefox :-)

- fordi tiden kræver et MODSPIL!

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