[xubuntu-users] Xu vs. 486DX2

João Santiago exalowprofile at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 21:50:58 UTC 2007

thanks everyone for the help so far. I think ReactOS is not really what i
want but thanks for the suggestion, i didn't know the OS :)

i did some searching in Distro Watch and found this nice one called Deli
Linux, it says that it was tested on a 486 laptop with 16mb and runs smooth
nice ^^ but it doesn't says anything about server capinilities so i guess it
needs third party stuff...

slackware still seems to be the best contestant. i was thinking about using
the laptop and the desktop as a multi-cpu system, this can be done with
slack right? oh and can slack be installed through a network (or by the
"moving HD to another computer" method?) because as i stated before both
pc's don't have a CD drive.
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