[xubuntu-users] Help! GtkFileChooser not displaying mounted devices

Jeff Wishnie jeff at inveneo.org
Tue Aug 7 21:03:58 UTC 2007

In Xubuntu 7.04, when a USB device (USB flash drive) is mounted it  
- On the Desktop
- On the left hand 'place' bar in Thunar

But it does _not_ appear in Open/Save panels from within applications  

Does anyone know how to make them appear there? It is _very_  
confusing for users trying to save to USB Drives as they have to  
naviagte 'File System'->media->Device in the panels.

Does anyone know how to make this work properly?

According the the GTK documentation mounted drive should appear fine:
(search for "Volumes")

This appears to work fine under Gnome on Ubuntu 7.04

thank you for any help!

Jeff Wishnie
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