[xubuntu-users] Important: Pre-Release ISO Testing

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Mon Apr 16 17:52:09 BST 2007

Hello, Everyone,

With Xubuntu Feisty Fawn's release set for this Thursday, we are still doing
final testing of our release candidate, but (per the snippet of IRC chat
below) things are likely to progress rather quickly from that point forward.

j1mc: and what is the testing schedule going to be like for the remainder of
the week leading up to release?  just test, test, and keep testing?  :-)
heno: j1mc: yes, we want to get as much testing of these as possible,
because they might go rather quickly from RC to final, without changes
heno: if we get solid testing before and even after they are declared RC,
then we can be more confident about making them final
heno: j1mc: basically yes, as much variety as possible. upgrade, netboot,
expert mode, etc.

Isn't this fun?  Given the amount of work that we have put into this release
thus far, let's make sure we finish strong!  With that in mind, I'm opening
up the testing process a bit more.  The current Xubuntu testing matrix (a
list of who is testing what) is available here:


As you can see, we have fairly good coverage, but additional testing is
needed.  These gracious souls have been trying to test the Release
Candidates since Thursday, and their cd-roms are tired.  If you are not
listed as a testers on that list, but can perform a listed test, please do

But where can you report your test results??  Good question!  Test results
are being tracked here:  https://www.stgraber.org/ubuntu/isotesting

To report your test, you'll need to register for an account on that site*.
If a test passes, mark it as passed on the test tracker.  It should be
fairly self-explanatory, but visit #ubuntu-iso on irc.freenode.net if you
have questions or problems.  That IRC channel is dedicated to ISO testing
for the ubuntu family, and people will be happy to help you.

Additional background information is available here:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Community  Information about the short test
and the long test are available on that wiki page, too.  Please review the
short and long test, and complete either of them if you have the time.

I have to get going, but wanted to send out this note to try and get a few
more testers (and a few more tests!) prior to the final release.   Thanks,


* Please be aware that sometimes the registration confirmation email goes
into your spam email folder, even though it's not spam.  Thanks.
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