[xubuntu-users] Couple of questions from a new xubuntu old ubuntu user

Ben Edwards funkytwig at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 09:39:46 UTC 2007

Ive been using Ubuntu for several years.  My (soon to be replaced)
work PC currently only has 256MB RAM so I thought I would give xubuntu
a try (being a user of ubuntu since warty previews).

I have set up xfce4 and was put off it by the desktop/applet/panel
layout.   I am however very impressed with how good xubuntu looks (and
how easy the install went).

A bit thums up and congrats for the xubuntu team ;)

Now for the questions.

Was trying to dock a launcher on the top panel to launch term.  When I
booted the live CD I though I could use right click on the menu item
to do this. However in my HD install right click simple launches the

So I though OK, ile look at the menu.  Applications->Settings->Menu
Editor seemed to do this but did not load the current menu.  Had a
look around and could not find the current menu.xml file.  Where is

So I cant find the name of the executable for 'Terminal' so I can
greate a launcher for it;(

Ben Edwards - Bristol, UK
If you have a problem emailing me use
(email address this email is sent from may be defunct)

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