Addition of a music player app

b3nmore b3nmore at
Sat Jul 24 13:32:41 UTC 2021


bit late to the discussion and afaik votes are already done, but for the 
sake of completeness, have you considered Lollypop 
( Its in the repository and 
design-wise imo the most appealing one. Technically its seems to work 
well, but I've to admit I'm not a heavy user of music players anymore.


On 17/05/2021 01:34, Michael Lueck wrote:
> Greetings team,
> My music player of choice on Linux is:
> Yousuf Philips wrote:
>> 1. rhythmbox (8,473kb): The recommended option as it is in regular 
>> development and is used by flavors (gnome, mate, budgie) as well as 
>> xfce distros (mint, manjaro, mx).
> My one critique of it is it can be challenging to, by typing part of the 
> text you know is an attribute of a file, to actually consistently find 
> the piece of music you are seeking. I have enabled all of the available 
> view attribute lists. I keep trying to move the attribute keywords I 
> remember to spots Rhythmbox full text searches on in that player UI 
> search field.
> Otherwise, rock solid, no issues.
> I am thankful,

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